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When I retired from Parliamentary politics I boxed up my archives. Occasionally I delved into them to correct the public record and defend my legacy. During 6 years as Liberal Party Federal President and thereafter I added to the archives depending on what I was doing. I am sure the Northern Territory Archive Service has a basement full of boxes belonging to everyone from the dog catcher to Chief Minister. I didn’t expect them to do anything special with my archives. Occasionally journalists, politicians, university and school students requested information. What to do with my archives? The easy option, a trip to the tip - the harder option, make them available with unrestricted access on-line. When it comes to archives access is often an issue. Why bother, I asked? Archives are important - they can help frame the future through an insight into the past relying on documents, photographs, and multimedia. Properly documented archives can be a road map to what works. When media fail the test of being a reliable recorder of history archives fill the gaps. I hope my archives might offer a trip down ‘memory lane’ for those around on ‘my watch’. Second, a source of material that will help those interested in researching the period I was privileged to serve. In the Northern Territory, our achievement in engaging the Asia-Pacific, law and order reforms and important social and economic initiatives have been progressively forgotten and diminished by our critics. The CLP has repeated failed to defend the Party legacy in Opposition and Government. For the keen students of NT history, my website offers material on the CLP dating from the Party’s foundation and before my involvement and since. That material has been included to help safeguard the Party’s heritage and corporate memory. A political party that doesn’t remember where it came from or its history will not endure. Witness the Rudd-Gillard era where the Labor Party overlooked and ignored it’s history. When Terry Mills was removed from office it was clear that past lessons learned by the CLP had been scattered to the four winds. The ructions leading to the overthrow of Tony Abbott demonstrated that the Liberal Party was no better than Labor - the electorate appeared to agree.

Corrections and additions are welcome. I don’t have all the names of those featured and would appreciate assistance in identifying people for posterity. The initial offering comprises over 1500 documents and more than 4000 images together with various video and audio recordings. I hope my archives will assist those who have an interest in such matters.

My story

This is my ‘yarn’, it is not a ‘rear vision’ view of my public career. I write to celebrate success and step up where I was wrong. Politics is not a spectator sport. If you want to change and improve things get into the arena. I was master of my destiny, failure was outweighed by success. There are no rueful ruminations or excuses. Privileged to have ‘a swing’ I will not ‘die wondering’. Autobiographies have limitations except when an on-line version. ‘My Story’ includes photos, documents, and many footnotes. The English idiom “A picture is worth a thousand words” has special relevance to my yarn; the reader will find over 4000 photos with commentary. ‘My Story’ is meant to be interesting, not a heavy tome for the political elite in the ‘establishment bubble’. There will be different interpretations attributed to certain events, however, the reader has the advantage of unrestricted access to unsanitized archives where people can draw their own conclusions. It all becomes a lot clearer looking back; everyone’s an expert with hindsight. My inspiration has been my parents, Les and Pam Stone. Children learn by example. I chose for my Coat of Arms the motto ‘Strength Honour Service’ as encapsulating what my parents stood for and what I aspired to. My parents together with a Catholic education, especially the Christian Brothers have largely defined me throughout life.

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HIH Prince Ermias and Princess Saba of Ethiopia

His Imperial Highness Prince Ermias Sahle-Selassie Haile-Selassie President of the Crown Council of Ethiopia, Lady Saba and Shane Stone Washington DC.

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Jack Fletcher interview

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