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Preview thumbnail certificate of cremation benny  the cat  stone 14 march 2016

Certificate of Cremation Benny

Certificate of Cremation of Benny the cat Stone. Benny died following an altercation with a car on 12 March 2016. Born 18 August 2013.

Thumbnail figaro stone

Figaro Stone

Born 30 August 2017 and subsequently acquired October same year.

Thumbnail teddy bear shorn

Figaro Stone

Figaro aka Teddy Bear Stone after his first haircut.

Thumbnail puma  2

Puma Stone

Horatio aka Puma Stone first year of life, Madeleine Stone's first cat and not long after he arrived in the Stone household. Held by Jack Stone in Brisbane.

Thumbnail figaro aka benny stone  2

Figaro Stone

The new Stone family pet Figaro aka Teddy Bear Stone.

Thumbnail horatio  puma  stone sitting on benny s memorial new farm brisbane 14 october 2017

Horatio Stone aka 'Puma'

Horatio Stone aka 'Puma' sitting on Benny Stone memorial (Benny the cat, not the dog) 41 Hopetoun Way New Farm Brisbane. Benny the cat died a tragic death following a collision ...

Thumbnail benny

Benny the cat Stone

Family cat tragically killed in March 2016.

Thumbnail pum and benny

Puma and Benny

The Stone Family cats in the backyard New Farm.

Thumbnail 036  2

Puma and Benny

Family cats Horatio aka Puma seated. Benjamin aka Benny lying down. Best friends.

Thumbnail 00000014

Les, Terry and Shane Stone

Baptism of Terry Michael Stone. Photographed in the back yard at 225 Lawrence Street Wodonga. Also pictured Kimie the dog.

Thumbnail img033


Horatio aka Puma. Family cat atop back fence Brisbane.

Thumbnail img032

Benny the cat Stone

Benjamin aka Benny the Stone family cat. Cuddling Madeleine's shoes. Benny died following an altercation with a car on 12 March 2016. Born 18 August 2013.

Thumbnail ben

Benny the cat Stone

Much loved family cat Benjamin aka Benny the cat Stone died following an altercation with a car on 12 March 2016. Born 18 August 2013.

Thumbnail phily


Philomena aka Phily replaced Benny following his untimely death in March 2016. She was purchased from the RSPCA shelter in Brisbane.

Thumbnail puma thiess executive

Horatio aka Puma

The Stone family pet cat Horatio aka Puma Stone sporting a Thiess scarf.

Thumbnail sharka back door alice springs circa 1988

Sharka Zulu

Sharka at the back door Alice Springs

Thumbnail shane   kimie the dog in the paddock at cornishtown circa 1952

Shane and Kimie

Shane & Kimie the dog in the paddock at Cornishtown circa 1952

Thumbnail 3 18 2010 16 59 55 016

Sharka Zulu Stone

The Stone family dog in the backyard of 8 Zealandia Crescent Larrakeyah Darwin.

Thumbnail stone family lawrence street with kim

Stone Family 225 Lawrence Street Wodonga

Pam, Les and Shane Stone with Kimie the dog on and around the purchase of the first Stone Family home at 225 Lawrence Street Wodonga. Located on the Victorian Housing Commission...