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Thumbnail terry   shane stone pakenham circa 1963  2

Shane and Terry Stone Main Street Pakenham

Shane Stone wearing the uniform of St. John's de la Salle College Dandenong and Terry Stone wearing the uniform St. Patrick's Parish School Pakenham. Backyard Main Street Paken...

Thumbnail madeleine  shane  jack   terry les stone park circa  2

Madeleine, Shane, Jack & Terry Les Stone Park

Madeleine, Shane, Jack & Terry Stone at the dedication stone and plaque for Les Stone Park West Wodonga.

Thumbnail mary ellen stone   big les stone

Mary Ellen Stone and 'Big Les' Stone

Mary Ellen Stone nee Currie and William Leslie aka 'Big Les' Stone. Parents of Leslie Edwin Stone father of Shane Leslie Stone.

Thumbnail jpg599

The Catholic Advocate ' Centenary St. Joseph's Collingwood'

The Advocate 'Centenary St. Joseph's Collingwood'. Article featured Father Michael Casey, Melbourne Archbishop Sir Frank Little and Mary Elllen Stone.

Thumbnail birth certificate elizabeth jane aka annie stone 28 june 1867  railway line near toowoomba

Birth Certificate Elizabeth Jane aka Annie Stone

Birth Certificate Elizabeth Jane aka Annie Stone 28 June 1867. Place of birth ‘railway line near Toowoomba’. JPG version of Certificate.

Thumbnail certificate of authority to remain in australia mroslav novak 21 november 1951

Certificate of Authority to Remain in Australia Miroslav Novak

Certificate of Authority to Remain in Australia Miroslav aka Miro Novak. Today equivalent to PR or Permanent Residency. JPEG Version.

Thumbnail shane   josephine wedding family photo 10 dec 1977

Wedding photo of Josephine Novak and Shane Stone

Shane & Josephine Stone wedding family photo. Left to right: Rose Novak, Anna Novak (mother), Diane Moloney (sister), Anna Novak. Josephine Stone nee Novak. Miroslav Novak, Shan...

Thumbnail miroslav   daughter josephine novak on the way to the catherdral 10 dec 1977

Wedding Josephine Novak and Shane Stone

Miroslav Novak and his daughter Josephine on the way to St. Stephen's Catholic Cathedral to be married to Shane Stone.

Thumbnail dream world koala country jan 07  3

Dream World Koala Country

Shane and Madeleine Stone Dream World Koala Country Gold Coast Queensland.

Preview thumbnail sunday territorian madeleine arrival 25 feb 1996

Sunday Territorian 'Meet Madeleine, the new Stone'

Sunday Territorian 'Meet Madeleine, the new Stone'. Arrival of Madeleine Antonia Stone. See also Seventh Assembly First Session 20/02/1996 Parliamentary Record No:19 Adjournment...

Thumbnail madeleine stone

Stuarthome 2012 Year 12 Valedictory Speech Madeleine Stone

The Stuarthome Valedictory Speech of delivered on behalf of Year 12 graduating class 2012 by Madeleine Stone.

Thumbnail baronese thatcher  london circa 2008

Josephine Stone, Margaret Thatcher and Shane Stone

The Right Honourable Baroness Thatcher LG OM PC with The Hon Shane Stone AC QC (Assistant Chairman IDU) and Mrs. Josephine G Stome AM.

Thumbnail south pool creek salcombe

South Pool

Postcard picture of South Pool Creek Slacombe Devon dating from the mid 1880's.

Thumbnail headstones of elanour   thomas guy circa 2008

Headstones of Ellen Guy nee Wainwright and John Guy

Headstones of Ellen Guy nee Wainwright and John Guy Back Creek Cemetery Magra Tasmania. First and second Fleet Convicts respectively Ellen Wainwright aka Esther Eccles and John ...

Thumbnail thulbourne eustace smith light horse circa

Thulbourne Eustace aka Tom Smith (WWI)

Grandson of John and Harriett Stone. Subsequently served in both WWI and WWII.

Thumbnail percy stone medals ww1   ww2

Percy Stone service medals

Service medals of Percy Stone Royal Navy spanning WWI and WWII.

Thumbnail percival augustus hugh aka gus stone circa 1945

Percival Augustus Hugh aka Hugh Stone RAF

Percival Augustus Hugh aka Hugh Stone RAF killed Africa WWII. Reported missing in action 23 March 1945.

Thumbnail percy stone rn ww i circa 1914

Percy Stone

Percy Stone RN circa WWI date otherwise unknown. Later served in WWII.

Thumbnail w. percy stone rn circa

Percy Stone

Petty Officer Percy Stone RN circa WWII undated. Served in both WWI and WWII.